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Privacy and Security Policies

To ensure the utmost confidentiality and privacy of the personal information of its guests and clients, Misión del Sol abides to the following guidelines:

1. All personal information (name, company name, address, email address, telephone number, age, country, sex, zip code, habits and preferences, feedback and comments provided on questionnaires, etc.) provided voluntarily to Misión del Sol, through our website or otherwise, are kept entirely confidential and private. This information is stored in a separate data base and is used exclusively by Misión del Sol for the sole purpose of contacting clients to offer services and/or complete a transaction. The information collected is meant to be a tool to both promote and better our services and is stored in a safe server behind a firewall specifically designed to prevent access to unauthorized persons, keeping in mind that no Internet transmission is 100% secure. Therefore, though Misión del Sol does absolutely everything possible (using the most up-to-date technology and best qualified personnel) to ensure the safeguarding of your personal information, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of said information over the internet, so each client must weigh this risk himself.

2. Misión del Sol also uses shared information to perform internal studies on demographics, interests and behavior of our users to better understand our clients’ needs and offer a more satisfactory experience when visiting our sites, improve our services, and know which of our services are perfect the way they are. Publicity sent by Misión del Sol or our commercial partners will only be forwarded to you if explicitly requested, and you are free to elect to stop receiving said information at any time.

3. Cookies are small pieces of data sent over the Web by your navigator which are stored on your hard drive and are used to determine your preferences when you connect to the services in our sites. Certain sections of our site require you to activate the cookies in order to:

a. recognize you when you log on to our sites to offer a more personalized experience

b. know your personal configuration, such as the bandwidth, to determine which information can be uploaded

c. calculate the number of hits our site receives to measure traffic, habits and preferences to improve our content, titles and promotions. Note: we recommend leaving the cookies activated—even though you push the “Help” button on your tool bar, you can decline to accept new cookies, receive a notice of each cookie and elect to accept or decline at that time, or deactivate all cookies.

4. When you are logged on to our site and decide to share information with Misión del Sol, we will not share this confidential information with others without your explicit authorization unless a court or other judicial body should mandate we provide said information. Statistics obtained through information provided by our users is not held to the same privacy and confidentiality norms and may be used to describe our services to develop and promote our products. Misión del Sol does not have any obligation to keep information provided in bulletins, chats or cookies (as described in part 3) confidential as stated in Article 109 of the Federal Law on Author’s Rights and Fraction I, Article 76 + of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection.

5. The user alone is responsible for keeping his/her user name, passwords, Access code and pin number private. This information is used to access the profile page and up-date personal information as well as access the content of our site. You should not reveal your password to anyone, and Misión del Sol will, at no time nor by any means, request your password. To diminish the risks, it is recommended to close the window of your navigator when you have completed your search, especially if you share your computer with other users or use a public computer. Once your information has been received, Misión del Sol will use the most modern technology and most qualified team of collaborators to keep the information as secure, confidential and private as possible.

6. Safeguarding personal information of minors is an extremely delicate act; therefore Misión del Sol does not request or store personal information of minors.

7. This confidentiality/Privacy declaration is subject to the terms and conditions specified within the text, which is a legally binding agreement between Misión del Sol and the user. By using Misión del Sol’s services, the user confirms he/she has read, understood and agreed to the expressed terms. If the user does not accept the terms of this declaration, he/she should not provide personal information nor use the services of Misión del Sol’s website.

8. We, at Misión del Sol, are always open to receiving comments or questions regarding the use of the information provided.