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We are pleased to present the following Misión del Sol franchise program, designed to keep up with the growing interest that both national and international investors have shown in sharing our new concept and build new Misión del Sol Resort-Spas in other strategic, touristic areas.

In Misión del Sol Cuernavaca, Mexico, we have developed a new business plan for a new era that responds to the ever-growing need for businesses in the tourism sector to preserve and protect our environment; to elevate human consciousness on a universal level; to appreciate beautiful architecture; to admire artistic expressions as well as scientific and medical advances; to marvel at the spectacular world which surrounds us; and to do all this while providing true world-class hospitality services. Having combined all these elements so seemingly effortlessly, Misión del Sol has set the standard by which the international tourism industry measures this growing segment.

In the process, we have created a stable and solid business that is a highly rentable, competitive and safe investment compared to similar concepts, projects and other investment opportunities.

Now Misión del Sol is in the position to share its success with qualified investors through a global-reaching expansion program, under the strictest of norms in the franchise industry, most definitely enriching even the most sophisticated of investor’s portfolios while providing the opportunity to participate in the evolution of mankind in the new millennium.

Who can resist the magic of this extraordinary space of light?

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