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The temazcal and benefits

• Temazcal: Indian steam water generated with herbs, originated in the cultures of Mexico and Central America. Nahuatl means "house of steam" (Temaz - steam, calli - home).

• It represents the womb of our mother earth and into our rebirth experience.

• The door represents the birth that gave us our mother and to enter the Temazcal, it is a symbol of returning to the womb where we came which protects us and gives us peace.

• This is a prehispanic steam bath which purifies both physically and spiritually.

• It relaxes the nervous and muscular system releasing stress.

• Activate your body, mind and spirit.

• Renew your skin by removing dead cells.

• The temazcal works with thermotherapy which helps by heat reduce inflammation, relax joints, releasing muscle aches.

• Within the temazcal herbal medicine with the benefits that we provide medicinal plants for cell regeneration is applied.